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Reviews by Readers Like You


Crown Hunt


"R.M. Morgan's first book in his series of detective novels introduces Don Gannon, a likeable P.I. who works for an interesting lady, Harriett Roth. The story takes Don to South Korea and back to North Carolina, blending the two cultures in a search for missing historical artifacts…and a killer." -- Jacquelyn Hanson, author of Matilda's Story.


Generally, in a review you don't want to give the ending away. Rarely, if ever, do you worry about revealing the beginning too soon. Yet I find myself in that odd situation. For me at least Crown Hunt took off a few pages in with the discovery that an innocent, playful object had a sinister purpose that moved out creating ripples of suspense and intrigue throughout the rest of the story. From that point on I was hooked.

Toward the end I found myself racing through the final chapters to find out the identity of the psychopath in chapter one. All in all, a great read and once the bad guy was identified I was satisfied. The last chapter, while wrapping up loose ends, was somewhat anti-climactic but it didn't take from my enjoyment of the tale.” -- Seamus Beirne


Crown Hunt is a well-constructed, compelling who-done-it novel, with the mystery unfolding at the right pace with some interesting characters introduced along the way. My opinion kept shifting as to who had done it as more and more of the journal content was revealed. I loved the historical aspect to it as parts of it are set during the Korean War.” -- Alex Vaughn


"RM Morgan has created a well-written first novel with intriguing characters woven together in a 50-year plot originating in war torn Korea and ending with all the complex threads coming together in the U.S.

The author takes his time revealing the circumstances, allowing the reader to enjoy putting the relationships together to guess at motives and outcome. Why did it take so long for someone to track down the artifacts? Not to be a plot buster here, but I'd like to encourage you to stick it out as the foundation is laid with the reading of the journal... all that info is essential to understand the thinking of the Korean characters and the eventual outcome.

I found this book an enjoyable, fast read (once I got into it, I had to finish!) as well as providing historical insight into a war we seldom talk about. Looking forward to book 2.” -- Diana Pardee


Oh my god, Crown Hunt introduced me to the genre of mystery and opened my eyes to Korean history. I hadn't been interested in either until a friend recommended the book. R.M. Morgan is a talented writer. His descriptions, characters, and plot, filled with cleaver suspenseful twists, pulled me in. I didn't want to put the book down. You've hooked me R.M. Morgan. Bring on the rest of the Roth/Gannon series.” -- Mary Keown-Watkins


Last Train to Danville


"R. M. Morgan has done it again! After writing the riveting detective mystery Crown Hunt, he tantalizes us with Last Train to Danville. Again, he incites readers to sleuth for the truth!" — Leonard Szymczak, bestselling author of The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace and Award-winning author of Kookaburra’s Last Laugh.


For me, two things stand out about Mr. Morgan’s Last Train to Danville. The first is the nuanced, quirky characters populating this “who dun it.” The second is the authentic local color that only comes from personal knowledge. Mystery lives in the mountains of North Carolina, too. An enjoyable read!” — Dirk B. Sayers, author of Tier Zero, Vol 1 of the Knolan Cycle.


This would make a great movie! I am amazed at how many characters there are, and they are fleshed out. As in the last book, I like all the history. I am very fond of the main characters.  So much so, I don’t want to see anything bad happen to them.” — Barbara Hennessey, beta reader of Last Train to Danville.


R. M. Morgan has a knack for placing intriguing characters in unlikely situations. His hard-to-put-down writing style keeps his readers riveted to the story in Last Train to Danville.” — Craig Wells.


After Crown Hunt, I was looking forward to seeing the next novel in R. M. Morgan's series and he certainly did not disappoint with Last Train to Danville. The plotting is meticulous, keeping you guessing until near the end when the objective of Harriet Roth and Don Gannon becomes finding the evidence needed to nab the killer. Interesting tidbits of actual history are interwoven into the novel and the characters become very real as the tale unfolds making for a very engrossing read. I look forward to the next Roth and Gannon adventure!” -- Gary Bell