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Crown Hunt

Crown Hunt

Harriet Roth Book 1
Published by 3rd Coast Books
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During the Korean War, South Korean soldiers enearth an ancient Silla treasure containing billions of dollars worth of precious stones, gold, and a crown worth millions.  Some of the soldiers, under strict secrecy, smuggle the treasure to the United States.  Fifty years later, the secret is out.  Several of the old soldiers begin to die, giving up information on where the treasure is kept.  Psycopathic killers steal the treasure and the South Korean government wants the treasure back.  The Harriet Roth Investigative Agency is hired to seek out the culprits and recover the treasure by the surviving soldiers.  But can they do it and keep things quiet?  R.M Morgan is a modern-day Mickey Spillane as he carefully and skillfully makes this treasure hunt a fantastic journey for the reader and provides an ending you won't see coming.

paperback | 258 pages | $15.95 USD | 978-1946743220 | September 25, 2018