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Idea I Found Doing Research

Feb 06, 2021 by R. M. Morgan

Answer Man: How about a 10% tax on political ads?

John Boyle
Asheville Citizen-Times

Question: Why won't the legislature support a 10% surcharge sales tax on all political ads sponsored by political action committees with seemingly unlimited funding? Senate election alone would kick in $23 million tax of sales tax collected by the media that sells the ads. The money could be targeted, with all of it going to public school budgets for laptops for children that need them. Ask new and old local representatives if they would support a new tax on future political ads, not to be paid by individual campaigns, only by the PACs. This would not affect a single individual taxpayer. We all benefit financially from the disgusting, annoying, agitating political ads every two years. I have not spoken to a single person that would not support this. We just have to have it introduced and passed by the next legislature.