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Men in Book Clubs

Oct 10, 2018 by R. M. Morgan

Ha! Made you look.

Returning to the question of fewer men in book clubs, Claire Fallon wrote (July 6, 2017), “The vast majority of book clubbers are women and over 45.” One would expect men in book clubs. Most book clubs involve the ingesting of large quantities of alcoholic beverages, which many men enjoy. Some men love reading; they can be seen in libraries, on buses, in subways, eating lunch by themselves.

Why aren’t the men at book clubs? One reason is women are more of a social creature on average than guys. The female gathers information more readily than the silent male.

A second reason: running a book club is hard work, the kind of simple administrative task that women have always been expected to shoulder. Woman notice the men in the office rarely organize the birthday parties, or the husband is never the one to host the kids’ birthday party. One gender is much more efficient at doing those duties.

A third reason is the fellows commonly do not like to reveal their feelings in public, particularly in the company of lots of females. The male gender isn’t usually interested in minutely analyzing character and motivation. I think this 3rd cause is paramount. As Scarlett Cayford said, (September 6, 2017) “Men talk over pints, but they don’t delve into things like women do. They don’t concede to intimacy immediately. Book clubs are the bathroom at the nightclub . . . .”