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R. M. Morgan

R. M. Morgan graduated from North Carolina State University and earned his MS from the same university. After joining the U.S. Department of Transportation as an engineer in 1973, he demonstrated air bag feasibility in frontal collisions of lightweight cars, forming the underpinning for the U. S. frontal-protection standard for vehicles sold in America.

Beginning in 1980, Morgan was a vital member of the team that developed the side-impact crash dummy and the injury criteria used in the U.S. side-impact standard. In the early 1990’s, he founded a network of university colleges to study the biomechanics of collision-based trauma.

In 1996, the government appointed R. M. as director of the New Car Assessment Program, a highly successful consumer-information program. Just before leaving the government for a university appointment, he led the program that developed the government’s safety rating for child restraints in 2002.

R. M. joined The George Washington University in 2003, directing research in automotive crash safety, child-restraint safety, and human injury in collisions. Morgan became an associate research professor at George Mason University, until leaving in 2014 to write fulltime.

Working in government and academia, Morgan wrote non-fiction works. These papers (over 150) encompassed government and industry research studies, congressional reports, national and international technical publications, and consumer-information pamphlets.

Presently R. M. Morgan is writing mystery fiction and honing his writing skills in the Southern California Writers Association and the Saddleback Writers Guild in Orange County, California. He is creating the character ensemble and setting for a mystery series based on super-sleuth Harriett Roth and her young sidekick, Don Gannon. The series is on its third mystery.